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There are many diseases that are being caused due to sexual contact. We have been able to gather ideas and information about certain diseases through the advancement in medical science. Gonorrhea is one such infection that is a sexually transmitted disease.

Men and women both can get infected. Mainly men and women of younger ages get infected of these bacteria. The disease is caused by the aid of a bacterium named, ‘Neisseria gonorrhoeae’. But it is curable.

Gonorrhea Statistics in United States

As you can see in the image below that Gonorrhea is equally common in both men & women. People in the age group of 20-24 are most likely to get infected by Gonorrhea

gonorrhea statistics

Gonorrhea Symptoms

The symptoms cannot be detected initially. Sometimes it has no symptoms at all. Once symptoms are spotted, it can be cured with right treatment.

According to a research study, symptoms of gonorrhea are different for men and women. But the common symptoms of the disease are –

a) discomfort or burning sensation when urination

b) Painful sexual activities

c) Painful genital

d) bleeding.

Early signs are generally spotted after several weeks. These are the most common and main symptoms for this disease.

The bacteria also attack the throat of females. More than fifty percent of people don’t show these signs as a result of which they are reluctant to treatment. If treated early then the consequences are lesser.

Gonorrhea can cause serious complications during pregnancy. If the mother is infected, then it gets transmitted to the newborn and leads to several other diseases.

Like this Gonorrhoea might get affect the eyes that result in blindness or in the throat? So proper treatment is essential.

Safety Measures and cure

As it is a sexually transmitted disease, protection is a must. People be it male or female must seek help from doctors if they feel any kind of uneasiness.

It is cured with the help of antibiotics or under medication. It is important to seek doctors’ advice and follow the instructions.

A positive in Gonorrhea test shouldn’t have any kind of physical touch with others who aren’t infected.  If a partner is infected, he or she must not involve in sexual activities until the treatment or medication for Gonorrhea is completed.

A Gonorrhea test is done to identify the bacteria which cause Gonorrhea. Two types of test are done;

A) Nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT) – this tests are very effective. They are done on urine samples or body fluid is collected from the cervix, the urethra, the anus, the eye, or the throat where the infection is spread.

B) Gonorrhea culture – The purpose of this test is also the same and it also tells that whether the gonorrhea germs are resistant to antibiotics or not.

These tests are performed to check the status of germs and the percentage of risk. The tests are done on the basis of symptoms that are suspected on the body parts.

It can cause to anyone so all men and women who are sexually active must use protections. Communication with the partner is very important and getting tested once or twice, also encouraging others to do the same is an appreciable act.

Causing a threat

Gonorrhea is considered to be the most infected disease in the United States. A huge percentile of American is getting infected with Gonorrhea every year. Though the rate has decreased due to improved medical science.

Researchers are busy in finding out and understanding the Gonorrhea bacteria. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has closely monitored gonorrhea.

If Gonorrhea is left untreated, then it results in fatal illness. It causes infertility both in men and women. It also makes way for HIV transmission; both have interdependent relation.

It is unfortunate that researchers have studied, the bacteria which causes Gonorrhea is becoming resistant to all the drugs that have been recommended and if it last like this then this disease will stand as an extremely serious disease.

The pharma companies are trying to make new antibiotics that will cure Gonorrhea. Considering the fact that it may pose a threat, so effective antibiotics are crucial to eradicating the disease. In women, if gonorrhea gets spread into the uterus, then it causes pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). It can develop into internal abscesses and chronic pelvic pain.  Also damages the fallopian tubes causes infertility or increase the risk of pregnancy.


It is a major challenge for the scientist and pharmaceuticals to make such antibiotics that will ensure examining antimicrobial resistance.

The health department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended following the preventive measures and seeking help from doctors when it is being required.

One should talk openly about Gonorrhea and encourage others as well as many don’t have much knowledge about this, so sharing is valuable.