Florida is one of state in United States which has most number of Syphilis cases. The disease is most common among males than females.

Based on the 2013 statistics ….

  • In Florida, the rate among males was 14.6 cases per 100,000 population compared to the U.S. male rate of 10.3.
  • The rate among females was 1.4 compared to the U.S. female rate of 0.9.

syphilis statistics florida

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Syphilis testing is subsequently significant since it can be spread effortlessly and also be lethal.

It can be alleviated, so the primary step is to acquire the speedy treatment is to test it. Syphilis to be considered as the sexually transmitted ailment and it is usually conveyed through sexual contact.

It is a bacterium that can cause a relentless health predicament, and even an individual can be expired if left untreated.

It has four phases named primary, secondary, dormant and late. In the ultimate phase, it could be lethal.

Since it is a bacterium, so it can be cured using antibiotics in its premature stages.

Most doctors stipulate Penicillin. But the further antibiotics can be agreed for those individuals who are sensitive to penicillin.

The only method to perceive the contagion is to ordeal it with a blood sample.

How is it spread?

It can be transmitted through sexual contact. If any person is coming in a straight contact with syphilis stinging during oral, vaginal, or anal sex, it is transmitted.

It can also be conceded during kissing if it is made with an open sore. This sort of sore can be placed at penis, vagina, mouth or anus.

Sex is not only the method to spread this ailment, but it can be also conceded through an expectant mother who can pass it to her brood during childbirth, and this infant will be affected.

It is being suggested to all the people who are sexually vigorous to do the Syphilis test yearly.

It is also suggested that the expectant mother should pursue this imperative examination during their pregnancy.

Syphilis Symptoms 

Many times Syphilis illustrate the indication and sometimes not. But if it is present, it will show depending on the phase of the proposed contagion.

Primary: This one happens about three weeks following the contamination. During this epoch, a tiny stinging is created in the region where the bacteria pierce into the corpse. It can be situated in penis, vagina, anus or mouth. Most people get one sore, but it is potential to have numerous.

Secondary: After a few weeks the initial sore heals, and a skin complaint can be generated. You can see it on the body’s interior and subsequently spread out to the whole corpse. The rash is not prickly, and you can also be attacked with flu with the stinging throat, muscle pain.

Latent: This will ensure when the Syphilis is not treated and the symptoms as mentioned above depart. The bacteria are living and can lie quiescent for years.

Late: This one is the most lethal segment. During this phase bacteria can eat a person’s brain, nerve, and joints.

 Why is Testing so Significant?

Syphilis testing is so significant because to pursue the required treatment. If it is not properly treated, it can kill.

Sometimes the symptoms cannot be recognized and sometimes it is ignored.

It is being suggested to each sexually vigorous person to examine it yearly and with every new partner, and this will facilitate to recognize the STD status.

STD status of your proposed partner will assist to condense the peril of scattering this deadly ailment.

The blood examination typically looks for the existence of antibodies. This will specify that you may carry the ailment after years of treatment.

The blood examination does not glance for the occurrence of bacteria. The existence of antibodies might not signify the presence of bacteria.

If you have a stinging, the STD professional will obtain your swab taster to check it underneath the dark field microscope to verify the occurrence of the Treponema pallidum bacteria.

Sometimes the direct fluorescent antibody testing can also be used to perceive the existence of bacteria. These are the finest techniques to notice the primary Syphilis. Blood examination may not be as effectual.

The Syphilis testing is indispensable to perceive the ailment if it is asymptomatic. The preceding assessments comprise the VDRL test and other blood examination consists of RPR and FTA-ABS. As far as VDRL test is concerned, it is carried out on CSF to facilitate identifying neurosyphilis and RPR test is being used to monitor the treatment for Syphilis.

It can also be used to identify the existence of a lively contagion when the preliminary test for treponemal antibodies is affirmative.

The FTA-ABS test is being performed after 3-4 weeks of revelation. In addition to blood testing, it can be used to determine the antibodies.

The TP-PA test is being conduct instead of FTA-ABS as it is more precise.

The MHA-TP test is a different assenting process. But it is less regularly now.

Tests to corroborate Syphilis

EIA (Enzyme immunoassay)test: This blood examination ensures the existence of  Syphilis antibodies. A positive EIA examination should be inveterate with the VDRL or RPR tests.

TPPA (Treponema pallidum particle agglutination assay)test: This one also verifies for the antibodies. This is not done on spinal fluid.

Darkfield microscopy: Here a special dark field microscopy is used. It checks the Syphilis bacteria in a taster of fluid from an open stinging. This is done in early phase.

MHA-TP (Microhemagglutination assay): This one is used to corroborate a Syphilis contagion subsequent to another examination shows optimistic consequence.