Hepatitis A, B, C Testing in Orlando

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Certain diseases can be life threatening and even when there is cure it is better to avoid them as much as possible. Once a person gets affected by a chronic disease, his immunity is remarkable affected and this takes quite a considerable amount of time to settle.

Viruses are known for being harmful enough to contaminate the living body and making it their hosts for survival. They can target different parts of the body which actually affects the entire system leading to a major breakdown.

Hepatitis is commonly known for its dreadful nature that can cause liver inflammation and can disrupt its normal functionality. It is a virus which spreads in the form on infection in the human body targeting the liver. This disease is highly contagious and needs proper medication to cure it.  In general there are five types of Hepatitis viruses which are named as A, B, C, D, and E. Each of them can be caused due to contaminations in various items and activities.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A virus is found in the faeces. They spread through the faeces of the infected person and can cause serious illness. It can be transmitted through contaminated water and food and even through sexual intercourse. Though the infection can be healed with medication and consistent care but if the damage is high then this disease can even become life threatening.

Hepatitis B

This virus spreads through any form of body fluids like blood, semen, etc. It can spread from the blood of an infected mother to a child. Infected needles or products can transmit the virus to a healthy person and inject this life risking virus.

Hepatitis C

It is one of the most common forms of Hepatitis virus. It is mainly transmitted through blood of the infected person. Blood transfusions and contaminated products like syringes can spread this virus to a healthy person.


Vaccines are injected to avoid occurrence of a particular disease or a trait in the body. Vaccines are there to even prevent Hepatitis. Hepatitis A vaccine should be administered to kids who are 12 months old. If vaccination is not done within 2 years then they should be administered with the vaccine later one. The vaccine is given in two stages with an interval of six months. Hepatitis B vaccine is available to prevent the infection of the virus. Infants are injected with this vaccine to prevent it in any stage of life. The vaccines are injected with 6 months gap in 3-4 shots.

There is even a combination vaccine which can prevent both Hepatitis A and B. It is administered in three shots.

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine available yet for Hepatitis C virus infection.

Causes for spread of Hepatitis

Hepatitis virus can spread through various forms and can jeopardise the normal operations of the body. But these viruses spread through common channels and activities.

  1. Poor hygienic conditions can cause food and water to be contaminated with Hepatitis virus.
  2. Faeces being exposed in rural areas.
  3. Drug users using injections for administering the drugs.
  4. Used syringes, needles in infected persons.
  5. Patients receiving haemodialysis for a prolonged time.
  6. Using non sterile tools in piercing and tattooing.
  7. Sexual contact with Hepatitis infected persons.
  8. Sharing personal items like razors, trimmers, toothbrushes etc.
  9. Infected mother to an infant child.

Symptoms for Hepatitis

  1. Fever
  2. Nausea
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Vomiting
  5. Fatigue
  6. Pain in the muscles
  7. Jaundice
  8. Change in urine colour
  9. Abdominal pain
  10. Yellowish colour in the eyes
  11. Pale face
  12. Stomach pain

At certain cases the symptoms might not even show especially in Hepatitis C and it consistently harms and degrades the liver by corrupting its functional capability. A blood test generally confirms the presence of hepatitis virus in the body if symptoms start showing in case of Hepatitis A and B.

Why should you opt for testing?

Hepatitis C is hard to predict as the signs don’t show even when the person is infected with it. People stay normal and feel fine even when their liver is being infested by the virus. It takes a lot of time for symptoms to show up and sometimes maybe it can take decades. The best solution is to get a test done to check the presence of the virus. It can prevent the liver from getting further damaged and degraded due to cirrhosis or cancer.

How the testing takes place?

The test is done in two phases. The 1st phase will check if you have ever been infected with Hepatitis C in your life. If the test result is positive, then another test would confirm that if you are infected with the virus at the present or not.

An antibody test will be done to check the presence of the virus in the blood. If the test shows positive result then it means that you have been infected once with the virus in your life and the blood shows presence of the virus strain. But if the result is negative, then you do not need to continue for the second test.

The Hepatitis C RNA Qualitative test is done to check the virus present in your blood is active or not. It is used to diagnose the RNA of the virus in your blood. If the result is positive then you are suffering from Hepatitis C. But if the result is negative then your body has been able to fight the infection on its own.

The Hepatitis C RNA Quantitative test is done to check the amount of virus that is present in the blood to detect the extent of the infection. The lower the amount of virus in the blood, the better will be the chance to fight it. This test is often known as viral load.

Can Hepatitis be cured?

People being infected with Hepatitis often come up with this question. Yes, there is a cure possible for Hepatitis but it is always better to prevent it. The amount of infection can go to a huge extent and sometimes it becomes chronic and damages the liver at an alarming rate. Vaccines should be administered beforehand. Though there is no vaccine for Hepatitis C, still it can be cured.

Cure for Hepatitis A

If you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis A then you need to take very good care of yourself.  The body needs ample amount of rest and should be hydrated. Drink plenty of water and fluids to maintain the water balance in your body. If you are suffering from excessive abdominal pain, consult with your doctor for any painkillers. It is better to avoid them though. Itching is often prominent once the infection spreads. So avoid staying outdoors, stay in a cool environment instead. Wear something loose and comfortable. Avoid hot water bath.  Do not eat anything too spicy or oily. Eat vegetables and fruits but in small proportions. This will help you to cope up with nausea. Do not consume alcohol because your liver will be at a vulnerable stage so it is better to rest it properly. Immunoglobulin vaccine can be administered to the person if symptoms have not yet shown.

Cure for Hepatitis B

The cure is somehow similar to the treatment of Hepatitis A. But if it becomes chronic then, certain strong doses of medications are prescribed by the doctors to cure the virus infection.  If the infection is detected during pregnancy, then the medication is different. If the infection is too chronic and damages the liver completely, the liver transplant is the only solution in these cases.

Cure for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is has more risks than the other two types. Hence the medications are used in combination to treat this form of infection. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle once a person is being diagnosed with the disease. The doctor generally prescribes the medication for about 12-48 weeks to reduce the virus spread in the body. Regular blood tests are done to count the amount of virus in the blood.

The virus strains are tested to effectively treat the body.  Depending on the genotypes, the medications are administered to the patients. There may be few side effects of the medicines which can be tackled easily.


Hepatitis can cause serious life risks if not treated in time. Thus, it is important to go for blood tests once the signs and symptoms start showing. It is better to be safe from beforehand.

Always stay clean and maintain hygiene.

If you are travelling, then get a shot of immunoglobulin to prevent any virus attack.

Avoid multiple sex partners. Use latex condoms to lower the transmission of virus.

While going for piercing or tattooing, try to request for a fresh and sterile needle.

Never share personal care items with others.

Get your child vaccinated.

Follow what your doctor says and make sure you take the medications properly. Generally type A and B can be cured in weeks detected in the early stage but for certain cases, the period may be prolonged depending on the amount of virus present in the blood.